The courses at Juhls Minigolf

Concrete and Eternit

The Minigolf  courses

We have 2000 m2 of indoors minigolf at Juhls Minigolf , consisting of both a concrete and eternit course.
That provides plenty of opportunity for a fun experience for the whole family or your friends.

A sunshine guarantee all year around

Under autumns heavy rains, winters biding cold or springs hard winds, you can play minigolf inside in the heat, between waterfalls, trees and green plants. It is a great experience for both children and adults.

The Concrete course

Our large concrete track is our main attraction.

The course has international professional miniature golf targets, and is one of the best in the miniature golf world. Despite the course’s high standard, we have further developed it so that it is just as fun for the family, friends or colleagues on tour as it is for the professional miniature golfers. We have given our guests several ways to play, while at the same time we have not compromised with the high standards of the WMF (World Minigolf sport Federation).

As said, we guarantee sunshine all year round, which our guests will notice in the fact that there are green plants, waterfalls and sun shining all year round. These elements help to give the guests various exciting experiences and impressions along the course, while enjoying themselves with each other and playing mini golf.

We have developed an app so that you have your scorecard on your mobile. On the app, you can also save your results, and if you have several teams, you can be connected at your own tournament and you will be able to see each other’s results along the way.

Minigolf is just fun!

Eternit course

Our eternit course is not just any track.
The course has been specially produced in the Czech Republic on the order of the Danish Minigolf Union when they hosted the WC in Minigolf in 2009.

This major international championship was held in Odense, where the world’s very best mini golfers used the course for 14 days.

After this, Odense Municipality packed the track away and stored it at their material site, right next to their salt storage.

Here it lay for 11 years, until we bought it, and one very early morning in February 2021 we picked up the track to Bornholm.

The course has traces of salt deposits, but it is a fantastically good course that has only been used by the world’s very best minigolf players and the guests of Juhls Minigolf.

The degree of difficulty is high and there are no easy ways through the course, other than lots of training.

There is no booking/appointment for the eternit course.

You can play on the eternit course throughout our opening hours. 1 round costs DKK 40, regardless of age.

Both courses have WMF (World Minigolf Sport Federation) professional goals.

The course is being transported from Odense very early in the morning in February of 2021.

Arrived in good condition to Bornholm where both plates and obstacles are washed.

The heavy iron frames are being brought inside.

The lanes are being assembled.

And of course also tested.